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On 17-07-2016 a marathon took place in Olsztyn.

6 competitors took part in the competition, covering a total distance of 241 km in a time of 11:01:22.

- The Mega distance (51 km) was covered by: Tomasz Rojda (time 02:19:23, avg. 22.0 km/h, 444.52 pts), Jacek Bazan (time 02:23:33, avg. 21.3 km/h, 431.62 pts), Adam Sztęborowski (time 02:15:47, avg. 22.5 km/h, 406.41 pts), Tomasz Pluta (time 02:24:59, avg. 21.1 km/h, 380.62 pts).

- The Fit distance (28 km) was covered by Ilona Hibner (time 01:31:33, avg. 18.4 km/h, 330.38 pts).

- The Hobby distance (9 km) was covered by Iga Bazan (time 00:27:05, avg. 19.9 km/h, 192.98 pts).

The team scored 1663.17 points on this marathon.

The team is now in 23rd place overall.


During the weekend, the Alumex ALD MTB Team made a record start to this season, with the lucky 13 riders starting, moving up by 2 positions in the team classification. :)

There was also a situation that I have never encountered since I started competing, namely two of our competitors, Adam Sztęborowski and Tomek Rojda, crossed the finish line at exactly the same time (both finished the race with a time of 02:06:59) - precision worthy of a surgeon :)

All the results are, as always, shown in the attached table.


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